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There are many innovations coming from the technology and automotive industries to get our vehicles more connected. In order to satisfy increasing consumer connectivity needs and government mandated safety requirements, automotive OEMs and tier suppliers must collaborate with mobile network operators and application developers so they can deliver the safest and most enjoyable connected car experience to what is now becoming a shared customer base.

An interoperable connected car network is crucial to success, but there is a growing disconnect between these unlikely industry partners: they have different objectives and speak different languages.

We’re not just training people. We’re creating smarter, more prepared workforces.

Mobile Comply is committed to building the future workforce in connected vehicle, an industry estimated to create 500,000 new jobs by 2020. The Connected Vehicle Professional™ Credentialing Program seeks to bridge the communication gap by teaching automotive and mobile technology professionals the languages and technologies of both industries, equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills required to compete in the evolving connected vehicle ecosystem.

The Connected Vehicle Professional™ Credentialing Program

Help your workforce succeed in the rapidly advancing fields of intelligent transportation and connected vehicle.
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Connected Car Expertise

Technology is rapidly evolving. That’s why we employ the top thought leaders in both the automotive and mobile technology industries. Our courses stay at the forefront of connected vehicle best practices, standards, trends and innovation.

Practical Course Design

Informative, applied courses are designed specifically for business and technical professionals who will participate in the evolution of connected vehicle. Content, layout, and interactive exercises engage student focus to maximize subject retention.

Quality Instruction

Our trainers are professionals within the mobile technology and automotive industries, ensuring the highest standards in quality instruction. Students benefit from the extra layer of expertise and real-world application our trainers provide.

Professional Credentialing

Our professional credentialing programs, in collaboration with organizations such as SAE International and the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) take professionals beyond training by ensuring technical competence through a tangible measurement of skills and knowledge.

Public and Private Courses

Are you an automotive engineer seeking to advance your career? Do you manage connected vehicle projects and want workforce development for your whole team? We offer both open enrollment and private class options depending on customer needs.

Custom Programs

Are you creating an internal connected vehicle training program for your company? We work with executive teams, management, and human resource departments to help map a strategic action plan for your workforce development and training needs.

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